Private Equity

As someone who started, grew and sold a business in just over two decades, Henry Swieca has experienced the emotional and mental challenges and successes of being an entrepreneur.

We believe that a business can have a tremendous positive impact not only on its employees and customers but also the local communities in which it serves. We strive to make the right long term investments to create dynamic businesses that will create value for all their stakeholders.

Our approach:

  • Align with superior, long-term oriented management teams

  • Use our experience, network and financial expertise to help build and grow great companies

  • No external constraints or mandated hold periods

Our goal:

  • Acquire control stake in established, profitable businesses

  • Investment size: $30-$75 million

  • Operating cash flow: $5-$20 million

  • Industries: Manufacturing, Services, Distribution, Industrials     

  • Geography: North America